Le Vigne di San Pietro represent a small island set in a unique place among morainic hills, a few steps away from the beautiful city of Verona and Lake Garda.The land is particularly suited to the production of wine grapes, as witnessed by many ancient remains found in the area. That is, together with the high quality we have managed to attain over the years, trying to understand the richness of these lands. The soil is calcareous clayey, morainic, of glacial origin, and rich in minerals. The micro-climate, which is influenced by the nearby Lake Garda, helps the vine with expressing its quality and with making the best of the soil’s characteristics.The vineyards are grown in the middle of a park that is rich of arboreal varieties, creating a wide biodiversity that very useful for the balanced development of the grapevines.Carlo Nerozzi, the owner, is an architect by training, creative in character and farmer by necessity. Wine for me is a “channel”, an expressive medium that facilitates cultural mediation, socialisation and the exchange of knowledge between people.For over thirty years he has been dealing with this profession, also helped by his friend Federico Giotto, a young agronomist and oenologist who has been helping Carlo to express his winemaking method with greater rigor and technical expertise for fifteen years.Carlo loves elegant and interesting wines, those that express depth without impetus, those that can amplify what is initially only perceived through their evolution over time. I love minerality, transparent and warm colours, subtle and seductive aromas. This is what he tries to express with his wines.

Via S. Pietro, 23 – Sommacampagna (VR)

+39 045 510016