Parco Naturale della Lessinia

More than 10 thousand hectares of pastures and forestland, cen- turies-old beechwood forests and natural, karst and speleological locations, unique to the world.

An ancient, historical land, dedicated to grazing and Alpine transhumance, offering breathtakingly beautiful panoramas and views, making it one of the most precious natural treasures of the Veneto region. Among the most symbolic attractions of the Natural Park, we find the Ponte di Veja, the Valle delle Sfingi, the Spluga della Preta, the Molina waterfalls and the extraordinary Bolca fossils. This is the Natural Regional Park of Lessinia: a natural paradise nestled between the Small Dolomites, the city of Verona and Monte Baldo, alongside Lake Garda. From the highland pastures large gorges and wide valleys open up, descending towards the city of Verona, home to many species of wild protected fauna.


Forests, fields, mountains to climb, but also to be discovered on foot, by bike, on horseback. Lessinia is a true paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts, welcoming visitors during all four seasons. In the winter, skiing and snowshoeing offer the possibility to fully enjoy the snow and the uncontaminated landscapes. During the thaw or when the spring starts to set in, an awakening nature can be admired among fields of snowdrops and trees beginning to blossom. In summer, the mild temperatures offer everybody the opportunity to play sports out in the open, in idel conditions. The autumn and all its beautiful colours tinge Lessinia with unique shades, each to be admired. Whether experts or amateurs, Lessinia offers the possibility for all types of sports and adventures, with the assistance of naturalist guides ready to help you discover all the local beauty in totally safe conditions. A territory all to be discovered, 365 days a year. Trekking keeps everyone happy: from the most expert and trained sportsmen, to those taking their “first steps”, anybody can find the path most suited to their needs. Walking in Lessinia means not only training your body, but also filling your heart with emotions. Unique, natural views, that on a clear day allow you to see as far as the Adriatic and even the Apennines. And for those who want to satisfy their palate, between one trek and another, an obligatory stop must be made at one of the many “malghe” offering a place to rest and traditional meals.